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  • Create a Logo Design
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About the organization: The Institute for Reproductive Health (IRH) at Georgetown University is a research and technical assistance organization working in lower and middle income countries to address sexual and reproductive health and gender issues. Supported by US government grants, IRH works with local partners using a research-to-program approach, to expand family planning choices, advance gender equality and involve communities, with a special emphasis on education and training on fertility-awareness-based methods of family planning.

IRH seeks the development of a brand to be used for one of its projects- a new family planning project in Benin, West Africa, called the “Toto Jan (TJ) Project” (For more information about the TJ Project visit: https://sites.google.com/site/terikundajekulu/home or: http://www.irh.org/?q=content/terikunda-j%C3%A9kulu-project).

About the Toto Jan Project (formerly Terikunda Jekulu): Using social network approaches, the TJ project seeks to work with community women and men to engage them in discussions around social norms and tabous that influence women and men’s willingness to talk about and choose to use family planning. Social network approaches are based on the premise that attitudes and practices of key influential individuals and social groups within a society can create barriers or open doors to people wishing to adopt a new practice like using family planning. Working with such influential community actors to support new ideas and practices will allow diffusion of those attitudes and practices to occur more rapidly in communities. Research results from the first 18 months of the TJ project revealed people’s perceptions of social stigma around family planning and religious norms currently inhibit family planning use, despite the fact that most individuals privately approve of family planning. Thus, TJ project activities will aim to promote awareness and critical discussion about childbearing, family health and wellbeing, and family planning norms, perceptions and approval among formal and informal leaders and influential social groups, and through these groups diffuse new ideas and attitudes to the larger community.

TJ Logo Design Elements:
• Logos submitted should reflect a concept of sharing ideas and attitudes through family, friends and other social networks. (For example, see graphics on page here: http://www.irh.org/?q=content/social-networks-quiz.)
• The logo should be clean and simple. No color preference, but please no pink.
• There should be four versions of the same logo look for flexibility (for example, see USAID vertical and horizontal lying logos: http://transition.usaid.gov/branding/downloadsprint.html):
o 1 vertical-sitting version with the words “Toto Jan Project”
o 1 horizontal-sitting version with the words “Toto Jan Project”
o 1 vertical-sitting version with the words “TJ Project”
o 1 horizontal-sitting version with the words “TJ Project”
• The logo will be used on many types of publications, both printed and electronic.
• When we have made our final selection, we request files types: original design files (Adobe .ill, .indd, .psd/.pdd), ESP, TIFF, PNG
Logo Text
1) Toto Jan Project 2) TJ Project
Logo Styles of Interest
Wednesday, January 2, 2013
  • Project Deadline Extended
    Reason: We are extending the deadline because we want to collect more designs, and also have to make sure our field staff are involved in the decision process. It takes longer to mobilize them.
    Added Monday, December 10, 2012
  • Project Deadline Extended
    Reason: We are extending the TJ logo design project one more time, due to continued transition within the country. As the project recently transitioned from Mali to Benin due to the conflict, we are slowly getting our tasks in order. We appreciate your understanding, and appreciate even more your design submissions!
    Added Tuesday, December 18, 2012
File 1: tj project comm. & website training manual fr_ss thursday, 29 november 2012 21:55:273
File 2: tj_summary ethnographic research report_english_38091 tuesday, 27 november 2012 19:35:112
File 3: tj vision benin_458375 tuesday, 27 november 2012 19:34:391

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